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Carmichael was accepted as an allied family by CDSNA in July 2012.  Clan Carmichael is a separate clan with a standing chief recognized by The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.  While Carmichael is not considered a sept, individuals with this surname should be welcomed at Douglas tents and encouraged to become Clan Douglas members.

Several web sources concur that…

“The name Carmichael originally comes from lands in Lanarkshire which were granted to Sir James Douglas of Clan Douglas in 1321 and by his nephew to Sir John Carmichael between 1374 and 1384. “

“The name is also used to anglicise MacIlleMhicheil.”

 “The Carmichaels were strong supporters of the Clan Douglas during their struggles for ascendancy, and were with them, fighting the English at the Battle of Otterburn in 1388 when the Scots defeated Henry 'Hotspur', Earl of Northumberland.”

In Fraser’s The Douglas Book (vol 3), are found charters given to members of the Carmichael family by Douglas Lords.

166. Obligation by Peter Carmichael and Eupham of "Wemys his spouse, narrating that notwithstanding the Master of Angus, George Douglas, had sold to them and their heirs the lands of Ardrig, Westoune, and Andirschaw, in the lordship of Douglas and shire of Lanark, they yet bound themselves that upon the Master infefting them in blench farm in the lands of Galtoquhy and Pettindy, in the barony and regality of Abernethy and shire of Perth, they would resign within twenty days thereafter, in favour of the infefter, his heirs or assignees, the said lands of Ardrig, Westoune, and Andirschaw. Abernethy, li5th June 1509,

 333. Charter by William Earl of Douglas and of Marre, by which he grants to his well-beloved John of Carmychell, for homage and service, all his lands of Over Carmychel], with the pertinents in the earldom of Douglas in the sherifidom of Lanark : To be held to the said John and his heirs of the granter and his heirs, in fee and heritage for ever, for rendering a common suit at the Earl's courts held at Douglas, with wards, marriages and reliefs, when they happened. Further, the Earl wills that the said John and his heirs may grind when they please at the Earl's mill of Nether Carmychell all grains growing upon the lands, the Earls millers being there, paying a firlot for the chalder only. The charter contains clause of warrandice. Witnesses, Walter Bishop of Glasgow ; Sirs James of Lyndesay, William of Lyndessay, Thomas of Erskyne, the Earl's cousins, Robert of Daleyell, knights ; Alan of Lawedre, Adam Forster, Adam of Glendonewyne, Johne Folcarde. No date, but intc)- 1374-1384. Seal wanting. [Original charter in Hyndford Charter-chest.]

Carmichael members can learn more about the Carmichael surname and clan from the Clan Carmichael website.



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