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Often at the games I get questions from visitors about the various septs. They are looking for something about their names and how it fits in the greater clan story. My thought was to develop a page or two with some info on each of the septs. I'm hoping to reproduce these pages to hand out to visitors to our tent. But I need the help of the Clan. If you have something to share on your sept and it's history, please share it here so we can pass it on to our visitors. I know it's all out there but it's too big of a job for one person.



August 17, 2010 | Registered Commenterloudbeak

I'll speak with my father Mark about this. I'm sure he has a bit to say!

August 23, 2010 | Registered CommenterJoshua Peterson

I think this is a fabulous idea. In my opinion, each name on our sept list needs to be researched and documented to provide everyone with a solid reason about why that name is considered "Douglas". In reference to the published list of septs on this website, there are some I question (because they appear to lack evidence for inclusion). And in my research on Douglas septs, I am discovering there are some names that aren't on the list but should be. The 2009 CDSNA By-Laws contain the now-accepted list of sept names and any support for each/all of those names will need to be included (I should think).

In addition to those names, a Douglas cousin in Canada has included "Norton" (according to one website I visited) and I would appreciate any evidence anyone can find to support that. Similarly, our CDAA cousins in Australia list "Simms" and "Syme" saying the names were part of a list of recognized septs they received back in the 80s when CDAA was birthed. Again, ANY documentation on these sept names ... in fact, ALL sept names ... would be welcomed.

In July at the 2010 AGM, the CDSNA Board commissioned a small committee to document sept names and report the findings to the board at a later AGM. Anyone wishing to contribute to this endeavor is more than welcome to send any documentation/evidence supporting a sept name to my regent email: clan.douglas@tyahoo.com.

October 6, 2010 | Registered Commenterhweha

"On the Twentieth Day of May, One Thousand Five Hundred and Three Years

We, Thomas, William, and James Douglas, sons of the departed Thomas Douglas , of Brushwood Haugh, in the parish of Drysdale, and Shire of Dumfries, left our native place for the reason here assigned, viz:- Defending our just and lawful rights against our unjust neighbour,Johnston of Greenstonhill, who, being determined to bring water to his mill through our property, and having obtained leave of his friend, the King, began his operations on Monday, the 16th of May, We prevented him by force.
The next day he brought twenty of his vassels to carry on the work. We with two friends and three servants, (eight in all,) attacked Johnston with his twenty, and, in the contest, fourteen of his men were killed, along with their base leader. A report of these proceedings was carried to the King, and we were obliged to fly, (the tocsin being sounded).
We took shelter under the shadow of the Ochil Hills, in a lonely valley on the river Devon. After having lived there a full two years, we returned home in disguise, but found all our property in the possession of Johnston's friends, and a great reward offered for our lives. We, having purchased a small spot, called the Haugh of Dollar, and changed our names to the name of our Parish, are clearly in mind to spend the residue of our days under the ope of the Ochils, and wish the name of Drysdale to flourish in the lonely valley. The King passed through this with his Court on the 12th of June, 1506, going from Stirling to Falkland - dined on Halliday's green. (an eastern neighbour;) but we were not recognised."

The above story has been preserved among the desendants of Thomas, William, and James Douglass, now known by the name of Drysdale, and copied at several times by different individuals - first, by Simon Drysdale of the Haugh of Dollar, in the year 1620; by Robert Drysdale of Tillicoultry, in 1708; by John Drysdale, Dunfermline, in 1835; by James Drysdale, Dumfermline, in 1838; by John Montrose Drysdale, in 1841; by George Drysdale, Aberdeen, in 1845; by David Drysdale, Glasgow, in 1857; by John Harrower Drysdale, Aylmer, Ontario, Canada, in 1920; and now by Russell Lynn Drysdale , Glasgow , Virginia dec 24 , 2010

March 10, 2012 | Registered CommenterR. Lynn Drysdale

In July 2011 I submitted a 132 page research report to the CDSNA Board on the Septs of Clan Douglas. The report contained all the information I could find on our current septs and also a section about surnames that should be added to our sept list. The Board will likely vote on these new surnames this summer at the 2012 AGM.

In the year since that report was submitted, I have come to question whether the word "sept" is appropriate for our clan's list of surnames. Many of the names on our current list are actually "allied families" as opposed to "septs" and I believe that CDSNA needs to reflect such a terminology change.

For anyone interested in seeing my research on the Septs of Douglas, it can be foundat the link below in The DOUGLAS ARCHIVES:

March 14, 2012 | Registered Commenterhweha