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Greetings Kin,

My Great Grandmother was a Douglass and though I do not carry the name of Douglass, I have the blood and spirit and am proud of our heritage. I remember seeing somewhere that the Earl of Morton had petitioned the Lord Lyon to become the Chief of the Name since he was an actual male line Douglas. Does anyone know what happened with this? Both the Duke of Hamilton and Earl of Home have double last names so cannot claim the Chief of the name yet in general the Earl of Home is considered the heir general and the Duke of Hamilton is the Heir Male.

So I guess a second question for this discussion is that since the Duke is Chief of the Hamilton’s and Earl of Home Chief of Home shouldn't it be O.K. that our Douglas Clan should have its own Chief, not unofficial or shared especially if we have a Chief who wished to claim it and is eligible. Thoughts?


December 22, 2010 | Registered CommenterWA.Douglass

Welcome to the Discussion Board, Shawn.

While I am not a big fan of having a Chief for our clan, I do recognize that others would like to have one ... perhaps believing a Chief of Clan Douglas brings us a legitimacy of sorts. Your post states two of the obvious contenders for the position but there is a third contender. I am not a member of the Standing Chiefs nor the Lord Lyon and i do not make any claim of support for any of the candidates; I am presenting information only. As found on the web [http://enc.tfode.com/David_Douglas,_12th_Marquis_of_Queensberry], the Marquis of Queensbury is reputed to be the senior member of Douglas.

The Earls of Douglas were commonly known as the Black Douglases and usually descend from Sir Archibald the Grim, Lord of Galloway and Earl of Wigtown, a son of the 'the Good' Sir James Douglas. The latter was succeeded as Lord of Douglas by his nephew, the son of his elder brother Sir Archibald, William, 1st Earl of Douglas. He in turn had two sons; Sir James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Douglas and Mar and the illegitimate George, Earl of Angus (a quo the 'Red Douglases'). This Sir James himself had two illegitimate sons, William Douglas, 1st Baron Drumlanrig and Archibald (the original heirs-general were Sandilands, Lords of Torphichen). The Earldom passed onto 'Black' Archibald the Grim, bastard son of 'the good' Sir James Douglas, an uncle of the 1st Earl and thence, the Black Douglases. The Earls of Queensberry are therefore senior to the 'Red Douglases' i.e. the Douglas-Hamiltons, Dukes of Hamilton, Brandon and closest to the original Earls of Douglas, Lord of Douglas (the Black Douglases). This makes the Earls of Queensberry legitimate contenders to the Chiefship of the Clan Douglas, along with the Earls of Morton (descended from Andrew, younger brother of Archibald, Lord of Douglas a grandfather of William le hardi de Douglas, the father of Sir Archibald, 'the good' Sir James and Hugh the dull.

The question of ~who~ is entitled to be Chief of Douglas is a complicated one and it would be interesting to hear what others in Clan Douglas think.


December 23, 2010 | Registered Commenterhweha