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At the recent 2012 CDSNA AGM held this year at (July 13) at Grandfather Mountain, the following surnames were approved by membership for inclusion in our septs and allied families list. Bell, Blackadder, Carmichael, Carruthers, Crockett, Dalzell/Dalyell/Deal, Dickson/Dixon, Galbraith, Hamilton, Home/Hume, Lockhart, Maxwell, Moffat, Pringle, Rowell/Rowle/Rule, Rutherford, Turnbull, and Weir were newly accepted. Clendenon, accepted with Glendinning in 1975 but never listed, will also be added to list. While some names from the list will be considered controversial by many, each has a historical connection to the House of Douglas.

What do you think about any or all of these new inclusions?

July 26, 2012 | Registered Commenterhweha


Thanks for posting these updated sept names, it got me thinking.

While researching my mother's (Scottish) side of the family, the Sharps, I learned that one William Sharp was a tenant to the Earl of Douglas on the Borders in 1376. I know that the Sharps are traditionally linked with the Stewarts/MacDonalds due to their occupation of the Isle of Bute, but my research seems to indicate that my mothers side of the family was from the Borders and in at least one case, supported the Douglas Clan. Also, the Sharps bought Hoddom Castle on the Borders in 1690 near Douglas holdings. Would the tenant relationship make the Sharps a contender to be listed as a sept of Clan Douglas?

The Douglas-Sharp link information can be found on the family fact sheet by W.R. McLeod published by Scotpress in 2009 and essentially the same information can be found at the following link:


Thank you and best regards

October 15, 2013 | Registered Commenterjms1314

Sharpe is also closely connected to the Kirkpatrick family (which is a close allied family/sept of Douglas).

The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany, Volume 75, Part 1,page 319,1813 claims...

"The Sharpes of Hoddom (1690-1877) John Sharpe was the son of George Sharpe, burgess of Dumfries. The family had been burgesses in Dumfries and active in burgh affairs for generations. John Sharpe, Sheriff and Commissary Clerk, Dumfries, purchased Hoddam Castle and the barony of Hoddam from Charles Carnegie, 4th Earl of Southesk, in 1690. He was succeeded by his son, George Sharpe, Advocate, adm.1712 [d.1740]. Matthew Sharpe of Hoddam [c.1695-1769] fought on the Jacobite side at the Battle of Preston, 1715. His nephew, Charles Kirkpatrick, assumed the name Sharpe when he succeeded in 1769. He then set to work on the castle, 'which he has repaired, and much improved, by adding several rooms to it.

Charles Kirkpatrick took the name of Sharpe, according to the will(recorded on 6th December 1769) of Matthew Sharpe, of Hoddam, his mothers Grand uncle,who died without heirs ,and bequeathed him all his estates.The conditions required that heirs should bear the Arms and name of Sharpe of Hoddam."

Here is a link for verifying this reference.


These Sharpes may need to be viewed more closely.

October 22, 2013 | Registered Commenterhweha