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I have recently discovered I am a descendant of John Bruce Douglas who was born in Edinburgh around 1698-1700. According to the writings found in, Bristow-Douglass and allied families : the Rev. James Jackson Bristow and Sarah Douglas Bristow, their ancestors and their descendants, 1640-1961 by Julia J. Bristow, John was in line for an Earldom, but was apparently kidnapped as a baby. He was then brought to the United States and settled in Virginia. Does anyone have more information concerning John Bruce and who his family was in Scotland? His daughter Elizabeth is one of my grandmothers on my father's side. I do have information from an uncle concerning John Bruce's lineage, but as a researcher myself, I always like to double check information and sources. Any information would be so helpful.

Thank you!

Carey Blackerby Hanson
Associate Professor: Costume Design
University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

May 15, 2016 | Registered CommenterCarey Hanson