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Limited CDSNA Glencairn Scotch Glasses

As a holiday promotion, we are selling the Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass engraved with the Clan Douglas Belted Heart of Bruce.

The glasses are directly from Glencairn Crystal of Scotland, which has been producing high quality custom-made crystal glassware for over 30 years. Raymond Davidson of Glencairn Crystal, with the guidance and expertise of the Master Blenders of Scotch Whisky Industry, designed this glass specifically for the whisky connoisseur.

To order glasses fill out this form: CDSNA Glencairn Scotch Glass Order Form

For additional information about the glass, check out: www.whiskyglass.com


New Regent for New Mexico

I am happy to announce that Eric Vigil has agreed to represent the Clan Douglas Society of North America as the new Regent for New Mexico. You may contact Eric at ericrvigil@yahoo.com and welcome him to our extended family!

Cora and I first met Eric 5 years ago at the Kern County Scottish Games in Bakersfield, CA. He has long been active in Southern California with CDSNA.  He recently has moved to New Mexico and has kindly volunteered to be the Regent.  Eric will represent at his first game on May 18th, 2013 at the Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival in Albuquierque, NM.

Welcome on board Eric and we look forward to working with you!

Mark A. Peterson

Vice President

Clan Douglas Society of North America



Dear Clan Douglas members, 

Over the past two years, many generous members have donated their stashes of older CDSNA newsletters to a collection and archiving project. So far, donated newsletters are complete from the initial newsletter written in 1975 to the last newsletter of 1994 and from the first issue of 1999 to current day. Only a few years issues are still ‘lost’ and I am sure someone has them collecting dust somewhere.
Once the entire collection is assembled, the plan is to digitalize the back issues and (hopefully) place them on our clan website.

Check your attics, basements, and closets and see if you have the missing issues. If you do, contact me and we can arrange the details for getting those items to me.

Thanks for looking. This is a valuable clan history resource that we need to find and protect before those now lost issues become forever lost.

Harold Edington