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Foxburg Scottish Festival 2012

When: August 18th, 2012

Where: Allegheny Riverstone Center for the Arts on the Riverstone Farm - Foxburg,PA

Cost: Adults $10   Children(under 12) $5.00 Children(under 6) Free

Website: www.alleghenyriverstone.org



Elizabeth Games

Less than an hour southeast of Denver lies the small farming community of Elizabeth Colorado. On the third full weekend in July it hosts The Elizabeth Celtic Festival. Hordes of athletes, dancers,  musicians, revelers,  performers and clansmen descended on Casey Jones Park for the party. Clan Douglas was proud to be a part of the festival again this year. There were plenty of activities for everyone, from the children’s glen, staffed by Fairies, to the Roman Legion camped on the hillside. There were living history reenactments from the fur trapper era and a renaissance Scot village straight out of the 1500s. Festivals like this are a great value for family fun. Of course there were the athletes throwing all sorts of heavy things around, and the ever popular pipers as well. Parades, banners, food, dancers and sword fighting...what could be more fun?

Adam Lovell and Chuck Mirabile set up the clan tent smack dab in the middle of the Clan Row. Since it’s grown to 30 feet, it made quite an impression. We’re happy to report that the increased size allowed for a greater display while still providing room for Family and friends to relax.  We had many visitors, and were able to send a few off with a new found excitement about their Clan along with a membership application.

New for this year, Clan Douglas sponsored one of the trophies for the Scottish dancers.  We were proud to present the award for the nine years old and under category. We plan for this to be a tradition going forward, and encourage the other Regents to do the same at their games.
On a lighter note Chuck came in second in the Bonnie Knees contest. (The fix was in) These events are always a real blast and everyone has a great time.

All in all, despite the heat, it was a great time and we look forward to next year’s festivities.


--Chuck Mirabile



The following regions are in need of a Regent to represent CDSNA at local Highland/Scottish/Celtic Games and Festivals:


Florida (South)




New Mexico


Duties of a Regent (as described in the 2009 CDSNA Bylaws):


Section 1. Regents are appointed by the Vice President/Coordinator of regents to

supervise members and activities in specific geographical areas.

Duties of Regents include public relations, promotion of Clan Douglas activities

and recruitment of members. Represent the Society at Games within the area and

maintain contact with members.


If you live in any of the regions without a Regent and have a desire to serve the members of Clan Douglas, please contact our CDSNA Vice-President and make your desire known.  After all, how will anyone find our Douglas Family, if we aren’t where they are?