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Greetings Kin,
I noticed a lot of press on the boards about games and the septs and I am a regular at as many games as I can. Being in the Coast Guard, I transfer often and am lucky to get to visit many games around the country. Often though, I am looking for reading material to learn more about my Douglas heritage. I thought I would post some recommendations for you all and in return love any recommendations you might have.

My first and favorite Douglas book so far:
The Black Douglases: War and Lordship in Medieval Scotland, 1300-1455 by Michael Brown
(this book is great for the scholars that want a detailed account of the rise of the Douglases from William Le Hardi through the fall of the Last Douglas of Earl. This book also outlines the beginnings of the Dalkeith/Morton branch and the Angus(red) branch. From this you understand the rise of the family and how important they were in keeping Scotland a nation and not an English province.)

From the Bloody Heart: The Stewarts and the Douglases by Oliver Thompson
(This book is easier to read and covers a broader sweep of the Douglas family and some interesting characters all the way up to today. Included are the different branches, including the Dukes of Hamilton, Queensbury and their impact on the Union 1707, plus others like the Douglas of Douglas fir tree fame and more.)

For those looking for something more entertaining and that you can sink your teeth into, I would highly recommend the Nigel Tranter Historical Fiction books, that tell the tale of Scotlands history. Each of his books are based closely to actual historical fact but as seen through the eyes of the main character. Great books for those who want an idea of what life was like during those times.

The Bruce Trilogy is the story of Robert the Bruce, through his eyes, but you see a lot of William “Le Hardi” and his son Sir James “the Black” Douglas in the book.

Three Nigel Tranter books are seen from a Douglas characters view point that I have found so far:

The Stewart Trilogy – This is during the time of Robert II and Robert III and the main character is Jamie Douglas, an illegitimate son of the 1st Douglas Lord of Dalkeith. A great read and lesson in Douglas family politics.

The Black Douglas – This is during the time of James II and the main character whose life you live is William, 7th Earl of Douglas.

Lord in Waiting – Set during the reign of James III and is seen through the eyes of John Douglas, little brother of Archie “Bell-the-Cat” Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus.

I hope you all enjoy these books as much as I do. My copies are well worn. I would love to hear of any recommendations you all might have. I just ordered “My Truth lies in the Ruins” by Deborah Richmond Foulkes, first of a new fictional Douglas trilogy. I can’t wait.
Happy Holidays,
(Douglas by Blood and Spirit)

December 23, 2010 | Registered CommenterWA.Douglass