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Home/Hume was accepted by CDSNA as asept and allied family in July 2012.

The Homes (pronounced and sometimes spelt Hume) are a Scottish family. They were a powerful force in medieval Lothian and the Borders.

David Alexander Cospatrick Douglas-Home, 15th Earl of Home, CVO, CBE (born 20 November 1943) is a Scottish peer, the only son of former Conservative Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home. Educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford, he is a hereditary peer who was elected as a member of the House of Lords when the Hereditary peers were reduced to 92 under the House of Lords Act 1999 and sits as a Conservative, having served some time on the Conservative front bench. He is also the current President of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

Lord Home is also Chief of the Name and Arms of Home and heir general to the House of Douglas.

The title Earl of Home (pronounced "Hume") was created in 1605 in the Peerage of Scotland for Alexander Home of that Ilk, who was already the 6th Lord Home.  The Earl of Home holds the subsidiary titles of Lord Home (created 1473), and Lord Dunglass (1605), in the Peerage of Scotland; and Baron Douglas, of Douglas in the County of Lanark (1875) in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. Various Earls of Home have also claimed the title of Lord Hume of Berwick. The Earl is also Chief of the Name and Arms of Home and heir general. The title Lord Dunglass is the courtesy title of the eldest son of the Earl.

The most famous recent holder of the title, until his death on October 9, 1995, was the 14th Earl, Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, better known as Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Lord Home of The Hirsel. After the unexpected resignation of Harold Macmillan, the 14th Earl was named Prime Minister by the monarch. For the first time in over sixty years, a sitting Prime Minister was a member of the House of Lords rather than of the House of Commons. Because he believed that it was impractical and unconventional to remain a member of the Lords, the Earl disclaimed his peerages in 1963 under the Peerage Act passed in the same year. He then contested the House of Commons seat of Kinross and Western Perthshire by standing in the Kinross and West Perthshire by-election, 1963. The seat had been vacated by the death of the previous Member of Parliament, Gilmour Leburn. The Earldom and subsidiary titles belonged to no-one until the death of Sir Alec Douglas-Home, when they passed to his son, the present holder, David Alexander Cospatrick Douglas-Home, 15th Earl of Home, Chief of Clan Home. The family seats are The Hirsel, Berwickshire and Castlemains, Douglas, South Lanarkshire.

Regarding Wedderburn Castle and its connection to both Home and Douglas …

The Earls of Douglas had the feudal superiority of the lands of Wedderburn circa 1413, when Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas granted them as a feu to "his esquire, David de Home". In a charter dated at Dunbar Castle February 29, 1413, George de Dunbar, Earl of March, confirmed the previous charter granted by "his beloved brother, Archibald, Earl of Douglas", the superiority having passed, by forfeiture, from the Dunbar family to Douglas. By 1550 the Homes had acquired the superiority of Wedderburn after George Home of Wedderburn was killed at the Battle of Pinkie.


Home / Hume members can learn more about the Home / Hume surname and clan from the Clan Home Society website.




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