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Discussion Board > Do You Have Any OLD Copies of our CLAN NEWSLETTER?

One thing I find lacking on this website is an archive section of our old dubh ghlase newsletters. I would like to remedy that problem by finding and archiving, in a digital format, all the old newsletters that can be found.

If you have any old dubh ghlase newsletters in storage around the house, and you would like to assist in creating a digital archive of our CDSNA heritage, please email me and let me know what issues of the newsletter you have. Knowing ~what~ we have available is the first step of this process. My email is...


In a few months, I will update this thread and let you know where we stand on this project.

March 9, 2011 | Registered Commenterhweha

I am very happy to report that one of our extended Douglas family members, Louise Douglas, has graciously provided copies of the newsletter for the following years/editions. Many many thanks to Louise.

1999 (all)
2000 (all)
2005 (all)
2006 (all)
2007 (all)
2008 (all)
2009 (all)
2010 (all)

If you have any copies of the newsletter for any years other than those mentioned above, please send an email to me -- clan.douglas@yahoo.com. I believe we can put all the pieces of our clan's newsletter puzzle back together by working together.

April 2, 2011 | Registered Commenterhweha